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As well as in the first quarter this year again many things are moving at the end of the year by PTS. Again we invest in new machinery and equipment to cope up with the continuously increasing order situation of the last years. After the purchases in the first months of the year now further invests around 2,5 Millionen Euro ensue.

The current investment conduces mainly to the capacity increase and in this way the expansion of the hightech machinery and equipment. Again seven STAR-CNC-Longturningmachines of the latest generation were delivered, five of them with full range of features inclusive FMB-loading magazine and Mayfran-chip conveyor. Furthermore only a few days ago they got delivered two new gearing machines by the manufacturer Monnier+Zahner.
For the management are investments like this of high-priority especially in view of the current and consistent increasing order situation. With two machines we move to a entirely new field – from now on “Micro-Turningparts” complement our product portfolio. With the new Star SB12-R it’s now possible to produce and treat very small turningparts.

In the next time many things are going to happen. Thru the current investment we create three new jobs. For the whole PTS-team we will already in the first months of 2018 rebuild and expand the social spaces. With the continuation of the production halls in 2016 we had now the chance to fill this facilities. We still have a little space left, which we will fill with four more machines between February and march next year.
“All sights are on growth at PTS” so Hans Capellmann, CEO. 2018 is also a great year to start the internal apprenticeship in our plant in Schwerin. Even Andreas Grenzinger knows how important the in-house education is. Especially in times of the skill worker shortage its more important than ever.


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