Power – Technology – Solutions: three promises, one name: PTS


PTS-Power is when all our processes perfectly fit in each other. So we have a fluent interaction from the enquiry to the delivery. Furthermore, we have a high demand on ourselves and appreciate precision and accuracy. At PTS-precision our customers as well as our employees are always the central because we know satisfied customers are always a result of satisfied and motivated employees. We appreciated our employees, guide an honest information policy and always let them be part on important decisions. This creates confidence through which our customers again benefit: via reliability and flexibility.


PTS-Technology means: through the newest machinery and equipment we are always on the state of the art. We’re producing many turning parts, who also serve as the base for the gearing parts from CVT-Capellmann. We always look ahead and through this mindset we owe our constant growth. Through the cooperation with CVT-Capellmann we ensure our customers the best quality and full flexibility. Gladly we would like to take the whole responsibility for you.


PTS-Solutions is our third promise to you. We solve possible problems quickly way before the ever development and find the perfect solution in advance. Through our short „agreement-lines“ we are able to react immediately and find the perfect solution and straight implement the approach together with you. Gladly we always welcome new suggestions or also improvement suggestions about an already existing project to edit and optimize it together with you.

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