The world of PTS-products

PTS-precision produces turning parts at Schwerin which are used in many applications for the automotive and power tools industries.

Currently, PTS-precision GmbH is producing approximately 200.000 high-precision CNC straight turning parts with diameters of up to 32mm in ultra-modern production machinery every day. These parts are used the world over in electric seating and adjustment systems, drilling machines or motor-driven saws. The Schwerin factory has a high tech machine park with ultra-modern technology and set up. The employees get all the quality and machine data online through W-Lan.

long turning parts

max. ø 32 mm
max. length 250 mm with counter spindle
max. 500 mm without counter spindle

All machinable materials

chucking tools / short turning parts

max. Ø 175 mm
max. Ø 65 mm
max. length 650 mm

All machinable materials

Gear Worms

Till modul 3.0
Single-start and multi-start worms
Max. Ø 60 mm
Max. length 250 mm
Optimized surface through steamroller
Manufacturing processes: milling, chasing,
forming and PST®

All machinable materials