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Last week, the first practical day of the 8th grade at the Neumühler Regional School in Schwerin took place, and PTS was naturally involved as a cooperating company.

The school, as a certified school with exemplary career orientation, and PTS have already been cooperation partners since July of this year. The partnership is based on a simple but important idea - a shortage of skilled workers. We at PTS are also struggling with this shortage and want to counteract it by inspiring young future employees for the company and supporting them wherever possible.

During the practical day, the students gained an insight into our everyday work and the production of various turned parts. In addition to the exciting processes, the students were particularly impressed by our state-of-the-art and, above all, highly automated machinery. We are pleased to have given the eighth graders the opportunity to gain a lasting first impression of the working world.

Mr. Knippenberg, the project's supervising teacher, reported very well on the students' impressions afterwards. He was able to see smiling faces and hear great stories from the practical day. We are of course pleased that our offer was so well received by the students. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at the Neumühler school for their commitment. It is very important that the children get to know the companies in the area and have the chance to get a first "look inside". From now on, the practical day will take place once a month on a single day. The second practical day will take place on October 14. We are looking forward to many more knowledge-hungry students and a long-term cooperation with the school.

More information about the school and the partnership can be found here:


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