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As in the past years, in accordance with our compliance guidelines, we‘ve decided to donate to a  charity, instead of sending Christmas presents. It‘s a matter of the heart for us to support people who need help with our donation. Enthusiastic about the work done in the previous years, at the aftercare clinic in Tannheim, the donation went back to the institution in this year.

As it is every year, the choice is not easy in view of so many places where help and support is needed. Year for Year CVT attaches great importance to the fact that the selection is made with care and consideration and so the decision was again made in favour of the aftercare clinic in Tannheim. This year, € 5,000 of the two companies went to the clinic.

The clinic Tannheim nonprofit Inc. is a institution of the German children cancer aftercare - foundation for the chronically ill child. The rehabilitation clinic with the family-oriented concept is for families as well as teenagers and adults, who are affected with a cardiological or oncological sickness or a mucoviscidosis.

It was no question for the management, to bring the cheque to the clinic in Tannheim - it was a pleasure. “Especially in this time of the year, it is important for us, to support other people with our donation and put a smile on their faces.“ so Roland Hermle (COO).


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